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Google News
A good site for world-wide news.

CNN Interactive
A news site that is very thorough but carries its own bias. You will find up-to-the-minute coverage of the latest news events, complete with audio, video, and tons of links to related stories and background material.

Life Management

Free Credit Report
U.S. residents are entitled to a free credit report from each credit agency at least once a year. You can direct your request to any of the three national credit agencies.

New Business Information

Starting a Business Checklist
This detailed checklist from the US Small Business Administration may help when you commence business operations. Check the Small Business link on the left of this screen.

Tax Preparation

Liberty Tax Service
Location: Our franchise office (Zip Code 28210) is one of over 2000 throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Finding the Right Tax Preparer
The National Association of Tax Professionals offers advice and lists the information needed when you sit down with a tax preparer.

Tax Guide for Small Business
IRS information about taxes relevant for Small Businesses. A handy alphabetical index covering diverse topics aids effective navigation of this extremely useful publication.

FAQ's for Small Business
Get answers to your questions! Use this FAQ to get insights into Marketing, Financial Statements and much more.

Government Information

John Q. Public meets Uncle Sam at FedWorld. You will find a wealth of government and business information-everything from government standards to 17,000 trade-related documents and up-to-date analyses of major U.S. industries. Browse databases; download information of use to you.

U.S. Business Advisor
Billed as the one-stop electronic link to government for business, the U.S. Business Advisor is a collection of links to other government agencies. Topics include doing business with the government, international trade, finance, labor and employment,