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For first time visitors and those who are not already among our clients, please check out the pages, "About Us" and the "Q&A Page" for preliminary information.

For our clients ready for your 2013 tax preparation, the forms and instructions are loaded in your Cloud Cabinet folder or available by e-mail.  Sign in to your folder at > Login > User ID and password >Cloud Cabinet > "shared" folder.  (Sample of user ID and password for Sammy Taxpayer -- ID is TaxpSam and password is 22TaxpSam.)  E-mail us at if you have questions.

The shared folder has the Tax Organizer and other information to start the season.  Please complete and return your information at your earliest convenience. 

The earliest date to e-file returns is January 30.

For the most part, 2012 laws have been retained for the 2013 tax year. W-2’s have an extra box to report information mandated by the Affordable  Care Act (Obama care). 1099’s have few or no changes. Foreign earned income and clergy laws remain the same, though certain dollar limits have changed somewhat. Read prior posts on "Harley's Blog Page" for important information to report foreign financial holdings of $10,000 or more.

At this time, expect our office to function as usual. Tax Organizers were posting to the Cloud Cabinet by January 10. W-2s are expected from SIM the last week of January and most 1099s should be available by February 15. Inform us if your situation has changed or you have an extraordinary event that you believe has tax implications.



NOTE:  Accountant's World recently updated the Cloud Cabinet app.  The instructions below may be helpful, but cannot be relied on for "click by click".

  • Go to
  • Click “login” in upper right corner
  • Enter User ID of "LastFir" (for your names)
  • Enter your password (same as above with 22 in front, if you haven’t changed it [22LastFir])
  • Among “Applications”, click on CyberCabinet
  • Right click on your name (not on the icon)
  • Click on Folder Actions
  • Click on “Upload File(s)”
  • Browse for the file saved on your computer and “open” or “save” it
  • Complete the “Description” field to provide a subject description
  • Click on the “Upload” button
  • Then, browse for another file to upload or click on “Done” to return to
  • the front page of your CyberCabinet.
  • Send an email to to let us know we have new information in the “cabinet”.                                 


The following are Notes for SIM missionaries:

Have you sent Uncle Sam any money lately? Recheck your 2013 total for Personal Use of Ministry funds. You must personally arrange payment for the 14.13% SECA taxes on this amount. Payment vouchers and instructions can be downloaded from after typing Form 1040ES in the search box.

The Tax Q & A page has information about tax return pricing and authorization to SIM.

The appendix to the article, "Estimated Taxes", on the Newsletters page has information to help decide whether estimated payments are required, and if so, whether you may need professional help.