About Us

PERSONAL MANAGEMENT SERVICES stands out from other businesses, not because of our great expertise and diverse background, but because of the overt friendliness and caring towards our clients. But don't mistake our warmth for lack of knowledge, as we offer you expert advice and service in many areas of finance, accounting, tax planning and other personal services.

Our staff are all employees of Personal Management Services. Most are employed on a seasonal basis from January to April. HARLEY SNYDER, owner, manages our office and is assisted by MYRIAM SEGURA, and GLORIA YANES. We have been serving clients who live abroad for over 15 years. Harley's wife, MARY SNYDER, assists with e-mails and paperwork.

The owner, HARLEY SNYDER, has a diverse work history in tax preparation, accounting, management and administration. He has had extensive experience in the non-profit sector, in the U.S., Canada, Bangladesh and Haiti. Returning to the U.S. in 1984, he has specialized in business and personal services for small businesses, professionals and individuals.

If credentials are important to you, Harley has a few. Graduated 1st (Valedictorian) in his high school class; majored in Accounting at Ohio State University and graduated with a B.S.B.A. (Bachelor of Science in Business Administration). He is licensed in Canada as a CPA (Certified Professional Accountant).

Other accomplishments: Life Scout; Licensed Real Estate Agent, Life and Health Insurance Agent, and Mortgage Broker, Florida. Completed course work for Securities License, Series 6. IRS Enrolled Agent tax exam: Passed three of four parts; five points short for the Partnership portion of the exam.

GORDON TAX ASSOCIATES is owned and operated by Lori Gordon. She has been in the accounting field for more than 25 years. She finished 1st in her class at Kelley Business Institute in 1990. She has worked for both corporations and some small companies in the Charlotte, NC area. In 2009 she decided to begin a career in Tax Preparation. She worked with Harley for four tax seasons and has spent the last three tax seasons managing a tax office and teaching tax procedure and ethics in Charlotte, NC.


"Thank you for patiently seeing me through income tax each year. Gratefully," C.B

"Ron, hope life isn't TOO crazy at this time of year. Harley Snyder's company will be doing our taxes -- YEAH!" D.F.

"Hello! I hear from other SIM missionaries that you are an amazing accountant." B.B.

"Thank you so, so , so much for all of your help with Shannon's taxes over the years. Your assistance is invaluable." B. E.

"I can't thank you enough for your help. There's a hole in my brain that is slowly being filled with tax understanding, but we are talking about a dot in a pothole. :)" S.E.

"This is wonderful. Thank you for all of the time you have put into our tax returns! You are a blessing to us." B.J.